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There are many manufacturers of quality patio furniture but we think that with our prices, terms and quality of our furniture we can make you think that we are only one.

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Dr. Strap patio furniture should not be compared to patio furniture available at many of the chain stores that sell patio furniture. While many people feel that all pool furniture is the same, it definitively is not. They may look the same, but, the design our outdoor furniture is engineered to accommodate use standards for which it was designed. The features of our garden furniture may seem to be subtle, but they add years of longevity and safety factors that are essential for long term use.

In order to accommodate the different needs of potential customers, we have designed a complete line of Aluminum tubular and extrusion furniture. We also offer a wide variety of fabrics to fit the tastes of our customer base.

The Dr. Strap name and subsequent logo was given to us by one of our largest customers. Premiere Patio Furniture had been the name of the original company. We have been servicing the HOA's and its management companies for many years and it is our desire to expand our new patio furniture division to residential buyers throughout the United States. We maintain a sense of humor and deliver high quality products at reasonable prices.

It is our hope that we can service your needs in a reasonable period of time with high quality patio furniture products.

Dr. Strap is available to respond to anyone who needs information on any product or service in our field of expertise. Please feel free to contact with any question and we will respond whether you purchase from our company or not.

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